Wednesday, May 30, 2012


A little visit from Lady Luck's all you need sometimes to completely turn your day around. I had completely convinced myself that I wouldn't be able to attend any shows from the recently concluded Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2012. I refused to believe that a single ounce of hope was left for me; I had already even said "no" to the offer a mate of mine gave me the day prior to the Oxygen show, believing that I wouldn't be permitted to go at any costs. But I guess the odds were definitely in my favor that day, and all I had to do was muster up some courage and ask.

Once I'd sent the messages I needed to send, everything was set. Terribly, terribly excited I was as it was my first time, ever, to attend a show in the local Fashion Week. I was finally gonna get to go pop my cherry, and my (now non-existent) PhFW virginity would be no more. After picking me up, my mates and I were off to the SMX Convention Center for Oxygen's show. Overwhelmed was what I first felt when we stepped out of the car, and walked into SMX. Even before entering the doors to the convention center, I already caught my heart racing as the sight of familiar bloggers came into focus. The halls were filled with well-dressed people, who I'm sure were as eager as I was to watch the show. Excitement welled up inside me as my friends and I were waiting and chatting in line, while simultaneously observing the people around the hall and their outfits for the night. Before long, the gates were opened, and in we went. Once we'd chosen out seats, all we had to was wait for the show to start. And start it did; not with a fizzle, but with a bang.


I spy with my little eye: Melissa Gatchalian of Sartorial Panda, and Raiza Poquiz of Miss Pop Quiz;



















Oxygen's Holiday 2012 collection did not disappoint to give the audience's eyes a visual feast. The runway was alive with bold, and vibrant colors that were accompanied by a selection of monochromatic, as well as printed pieces. The unmistakably street, and stylish vibe of Oxygen's clothing was ever present throughout the duration of the entire show. My senses lit up in excitement as each model walked down the runway sporting the fresh looks from Oxygen's new collection. I tried my best to snap look after look, whilst at the same time trying to enjoy and soak it all in as much as I could. In addition to the punchy colors, I also enjoyed seeing a hint of some pastels, which I thought did a good job of balancing out the color-scheme of the collection as a whole. To see the new designs of Oxygen first-hand, before they hit the stores was a delight in the very least. The hype the brand is receiving is, with no doubt, well deserved indeed.

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