Tuesday, October 8, 2013


I hope that when you look at the blue,                                                    
early morning sky overhead,                                                                   
you'll see the glowing promise that the stars                                                       
have left for you overnight.
I hope that when you are in a car                                                               
or a train or bus, you will feel                                                                    
that you are in transit,
going places;                                                  
because please believe me                                                                               
when I say that you are.

When all the lights are out                                                                        
and your eyes can barely see anything,                                                       
I hope that you will not be                                                                          
so easily frightened
and will be able to find
comfort in the darkness,                                                      
and solace in its embrace.
And in the silence, I hope                                                                          
that you will not only hear                                                                          
the absence of noise,
but also the presence                                              
of your heart in your chest,
alive, and
drumming the beat of your life.

We all have paths laid before us;                                                                 
roads that will lead us to that somewhere
where we need to be.                                        
But there are also some                                                                             
of us who stray away                                                                               
from this path and make our own.                                                            
Our hearts may drum the beat of our life,                                                 
but it is up to us to either                                                                              
just sit and listen or                                                                                
stand up and dance to the music.