Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Knits from H&M;

Skinny Carrot Denim Jeans from Topman;

Fox-print Shirt from Topman (Manila), Red Sweatshirt from Topman;

Burgundy-colored Chinos from H&M;

Printed Tees from Topman (Manila);

A beautiful pair of swim shorts from H&M;

Leopard-print T-Shirt and Floral-print Polo Shirt from Topman;
There's something about having new clothes that I'm sure every one of us experiences. It rushes through our heads, and bloodstreams as we stand at the counter of the store; the delight that overcomes us helplessly translating onto our faces even as we try and hold it back. A wisp of a smile plays on our lips because in our heart of hearts we know that we got exactly what we wanted. Well, I guess that's how I somehow felt a week ago as I was walking up and down Orchard Road, shopping with my mum. We took step after step, carrying a couple of plastic bags in our hands with the heat of the Singapore sun beaming from above. Yes, we grew hot, and tired, and our feet hurt, but we those things didn't faze us. It was great to be back. Though I missed quite a bit of schoolwork because of the trip (which I'll have to pay for this term break), it was definitely worth every second.