Saturday, July 21, 2012


Luxury-print Button-down from Solo, Jumper from Zara, Carrot-fits from Bench;

Saddle Shoes from Bass, Satchel from U by Rustan's;
At this very moment as I type this, the sky is weeping rather fondly, as if it has bottled-up all the emotions that are bothering it, and couldn't hold it any farther, and has since released them in the form of tears since yesterday morning. The droplets of water fall against the windows that surround me, and like stars, create nebulae and galaxies that we can only dream to behold, and explore with our own eyes and bodies. The sun, with its blazing glory, is nowhere in sight, and the trees outside dance to the tune of the gusts of wind; sweater weather, you might call it. I'd say it's a rather gloomy time here when the typhoons knock on our doors; well at least for me it is, so I try to make it feel as if the sun has suddenly reappeared, and play songs that remind me of summer and all the things that go with it. Just because the rains a' coming, doesn't mean that the sun can't stay with you a little longer than it should.

Sunday, July 8, 2012


Transformation; that's what Doing It Yourself is all about. Alright, maybe not all the time, but a lot of times when it comes to DIY-ing. It's about taking an article of clothing that you own that's possibly  plain, old, sad, or ordinary, and turning it into something that'll put a smile on your face every time you wear it because you feel really happy with how it came out and you're proud to actually wear something that you "made" with your own two hands. Trust me when I say that it's genuinely fulfilling to venture into a little DIY-ing, even if you're only doing it just for fun, or whatever reason you might conjure up from the deep abyss of your head; it doesn't matter. What does matter is that you let creativity grow in the process.

Step 1: Grab the materials you'll need: dyes of your desired color, something you'd want to dip-dye (like say in my case, a short-sleeved button-down shirt), and of course a wash basin to do the dyeing in.
Step 2: Heat up some water to a boil, pour it into your wash basin, aquarium, or pot of choice, then add the dye. (Note of the instructions of the dye that you have because I'm not entirely sure if all dyes have the same instructions)
dip dye
inspired by Dries Van Noten;
Step 3: Partially submerge your material of choice and keep doing so until you've achieved your desired look. Rinse, and ring well, then hang it out in the sun to dry. (Note that clothes are always darker when wet, so expect the color to lighten when your dyed material dries-up)