Monday, June 4, 2012


Thrifted Coat, Floral-printed Shirt from Topman, Carrot-fit Trousers from Topman;

Hat from Onesimus, Suspenders from Hicock, Tasseled Shoes from Aldo;

A coat, whatever kind of coat it may be, surely would not be something you'd wear all the time here in Manila; particularly if it were one of those hot, summer days. But I guess the infatuation that I have with wearing coats got to me that day; wrapping its arms around me like a dear friend would after not seeing each other for quite a while. I think I'm actually getting used to braving the heat to shoot these looks of mine, or rather, I hope I am. There are some things we can just hope to change, change to suit our preferences. If the temperatures here in the Metro dropped some ten to fifteen degrees, I probably would be dreaming. My hopes for cooler days here aside, I do believe that the coat I'm sporting really pulled the whole thing together; its dark, navy-blue color complements the sort of camel color my trousers have nicely. The crisp, floral printed shirt, I think, makes the look a lot more interesting as well. Prints definitely can give that sort of "pizazz" to your outfit; you can never go wrong with them, you just have to choose the right ones. As of late, I've been growing fonder and fonder of "luxury" prints (I hope you know what I'm referring to), and was lucky enough to have purchased a piece from a local brand that somehow satisfied that lust. Can't wait to show it to you guys! Oh, and before I forget, the title's from a glorious song called "Queen Jane Approximately" by Bob Dylan, which I discovered from watching The Dreamers (the song was played after the part where they ran through The Louvre). Everyone should listen to it.

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