Tuesday, June 19, 2012


"So shut your eyes and burn the past", is what I've been trying to do these days. To set fire to the misfortunes that have gone by, and also to focus on what's going to happen today, at this very moment. And after we've burned those misfortunes, we have to build up the strength to collect the ashes and release them at sea, as if they were the remains of a deceased loved one. If you feel even a hint of hesitation, cast it aside at once, and get on with it. Because sometimes, it really is for the best that we move on. When a new beginning knocks at your door, you welcome it with open arms, and try to embrace it even though it might be a struggle to do so.

Polka-dotted Shirt from Bench, Thrifted Knit Jumper, Carrot-fit Chinos from Topman;

Baseball Cap from New Era, Sunglasses from 21 Men;
As for the outfit, I chose to go with something simple; it's just a combination of a button-down shirt, a knitted jumper, and a pair of chinos. But the addition of the sunglasses, the baseball cap, and the tasseled leather shoes, creates for a more appealing look, at least for me. The baseball cap, in particular, is what I hope is the highlight of this outfit. You could say that I sort of tried to be more adventurous with the use of the cap, since most, if not all of my looks are usually topped-off with a fedora. I think that the denim baseball cap definitely adds a touch of sportiness to this look, which usually is lacking in my outfits. Expect that I'll be sporting (see what I did there) the New Era cap in more looks to come. On another note, I'm also wearing the one and only pair of sunnies that I have. Okay, well they're not the only pair that I own, but really, all the other ones that I do have, aren't exactly to my liking anymore. Thank goodness that versatility's there to be a friend when we're in need.

Oh, and if you haven't yet guessed, "back to school" is now a reality for me. Classes had already started about a week ago, and it's now devouring most of the hours I've left in a day after I wake up from precious slumber. I apologize, and I'm sorry to say, that I will now have less time to blog (as exhibited by the ten, lonely days that have gone by since my last update). Rest assured, though, that I will not abandon this ship and let it be swallowed into the depths of the blogosphere's non-existent ocean.You can count on me for that!

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