Saturday, June 9, 2012

HAUL No. 3, Pt. I

A luxury/paisley print shirt from local brand, "Solo";


A back issue (January 2012) of Nylon Guys, and a patterned shirt from the dept. store;
That particular day was a sort of adventure for me. A slight feeling of spontaneity sparked up inside myself, and soon created a flame that eventually spread like wildfire through the forest that is my consciousness. I'd been thinking about it for quite a while, but never got myself to actually do it until that day. I told myself that it was "now or never", and I knew that I would regret it if I didn't, so I went. For the first time, I ventured out alone,  into the outside world to go to a nearby mall. I had nobody to bring me there, I couldn't yet drive myself, and we didn't have a driver. So I did what everyone else did who was stuck in similar circumstances-- I commuted. All I had to do was take a jeepney to the mall once I was at the entrance of my village. I'd done it before, but with some company; and yes, that does make a difference. Or so I thought it would. Surprisingly, but not too surprisingly, the commute was kind of a cakewalk. As I was inside the jeepney, to tell you the truth, it was really tempting to observe the people sitting next to me, sitting around me; but I considered that staring at them might've been rude, so I just put it off. And as I crept out of the vehicle, out into the harsh sun, and entered the mall, I felt a tad bit more independent than I did before. A couple hours was all I spent roaming around and searching for items, but that was more than enough to satisfy me. When I arrived back home, it felt like something of an accomplishment for me, the whole experience. It made me want to smile, even though on the way back, the sky started weeping, and rain fell from the sky, and basically drenched me from head-to-toe because I hesitated and failed to bring an umbrella with me. But I didn't mind. I didn't mind at all, and it felt great not having to.

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