Friday, March 30, 2012


Printed Shopper Bag from Topman, Chinos from Topman;

Sweatshirt from Zara, Thrifted White Button-down;



Shoes from Aldo, Straw Fedora Hat from Folded & Hung;
I'd really want to wear this outfit outside, but the oh-so-warm summer temperature here is preventing me to do so. I'm sorry, but I just really wouldn't be able to take the heat haha, not to mention the sensation of sweating! The red Zara sweatshirt I used for layering's a pretty thin piece, actually, but it's the button-down I'm wearing beneath it that's the problem. Maybe during the cooler times of the year, I can sport this one. As for the chinos, they're perfect for summer; they're light and versatile, and they come in great colors!! Hopefully I'll get to invest in some burgundy-colored ones soon. Anyway, as I said in my previous post, I'm now officially on summer vacation!! It feels great to wake up each day knowing that I don't have to do any schoolwork or anything. Though I really hope I savor the freedom that I have, 'cause I've now realized that time moves by pretty quick. Gotta make the most of what we have, right?

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