Friday, March 9, 2012


I present to you, my latest pair of shoes from Aldo!! I bought them for my prom night actually (which I haven't blogged about). But of course, I also sport these often now, now that their initial purpose has been served haha. I'd love to say that they're the most comfortable of shoes, but as you've most probably guessed, they are not. The first time I wore these babies without any socks, both my ankles got wounded! Though it wasn't anywhere near a serious wound, it still hurt even the slightest bit. I think it's because of the height of the shoes' sides; they reach just below my ankles, so that when I walk, it scrapes against them. Anyway, I'll probably keep wearing these for a long span of time. I'm really happy with these ones; more so now because I think I'm getting the hang of walking in these shoes. Watch out for an outfit post of me sporting these babies soon!

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