Friday, January 20, 2012


Carrot-fit Chinos from Topman, "Thrifted" Knitted Scarf, Patterned Socks from Aldo, Lace-ups from Bass;
Sweatshirt from Zara, "Denim" Chambray Button-down, "Thrifted" Coat, Shopper Bag from Topman;
This is what I wore for my second day in Macau. Oh how I miss the cold climate there already! Anyway, these shots were taken up inside the Macau Tower, by my sister. Another thing in looking great and staying warm in chilly weather is layering! There has got to be an endless amount of possibilities when layering, so don't be afraid to just go wild and try. The climate here in Manila isn't always good for layering since it's pretty tropical, so being able to layer like I did in Macau was a real treat for me.

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