Saturday, August 18, 2012


A pair of trousers that I didn't feel like wearing anymore (which I had cut into shorts);

A pail, and some bleach;



Unfortunately, the result you see above isn't what those pair of shorts look like at this moment. Someday, when the planets align, I'll give it my best and try to recreate that exact same color of pink on those exact same pair of shorts. I thought I already had it, but it faded away just like that tinge of infatuation that rushes through each and every one of us whenever we pass by the apples of our eyes. It was my fault. Over-thinking really can do horrible things, trust me. So when you find yourself in a place that is exactly what you've been searching for, set all of those thoughts free, and just live in the moment; cherish it as if it were a little child you cradle in your arms, because in a blink of an eye, that child would have grown up to be a fine young man or woman who would be ready to leave, and go out, and explore the beautiful world that he/she had been born in. Someday, I promise I will get that exact same color of pink back onto those exact same pair of shorts.

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